The Difference between a Sporstbook and a UK Bookmaker

In these days, online gambling has earned so much popularity all around the world. So, no matter if you are in Europe, America or in Australia everyone will know what online gambling is and what betting sites are. Also, they would know what means the words sportsbook and bookmaker, but most of them could not understand what the differences are between them or, even worse, if there is any difference. The worst scenario is that if a gambler does not comprehend what these differences are, then he will not be available to choose his best option for a perfect betting.
Now, the first difference a gambler notices is that the sportsbook term is used around America, most of the part in US; and bookmaker term is frequently used all over Europe and Australia, but most used in United Kingdom, for an excellent example of UK bookmakers see this site. However that is not the only difference between these two terms, there are many more and we will make a list of them to simplify the understanding of these sites.

UK bookmakers
Photos taken at Las Vegas.


1. What they most cover for online betting are sports, such as basket, soccer, golf and many others.
2. These sites rarely include any type of racing sports.
3. Sportsbooks has more history in online gambling, dating since 1930.
4. They usually offer to clients an excellent service that includes poker, casino’s games and even twitter accounts, that way gamblers could be up to date with everything.


1. These sites also offer all kind of sports for betting, including racing one, but they frequently has their betting lines which allows a higher betting or even professional.
2. The sports they most offer are the ones popular in UK, such as rugby, tennis and football.
3. Bookmakers usually give bonuses to specific events.